Rural People

2IC Golden Springs

We are looking for a career orientated 2IC who is passionate about dairying. This will be a fantastic career path for the right person as we aim to grow our people and like to promote within and this role may be promoted in the future for the right person.

The ideal applicants will have at least 4 years of NZ dairy experience with a very strong work ethic, attention to detail and accuracy, a keen attitude and be open to learning.

Proven and strong leadership skills are a requirement with the ability to coach, mentor and be supportive to our staff. It’s expected that you will have a solid understanding of pasture management, feed budgeting, mating management and staff management.

A full licence is a requirement, drug free inside and outside of work, good English and great communication skills. The interviews will take place on farm and ideally you will be either a 2IC now or ready to step up for herd manager type role.

High school and supermarket are 8km away and families are welcome.

4 bedroom house available, one outside dog allowance but will need to discuss first, cat allowed

60 bail rotary

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